Weird West is delayed until March

Weird West
(Image credit: WolfEye Studios)

Weird West, the isometric immersive sim under development at Raphaël Colantonio's WolfEye Studios, has been delayed. Publisher Devolver Digital said beta testing is going very well, but not perfectly well, so instead of arriving in January as planned, it's holding it back until March 31.

"Weird West is incredible (according to beta testers) but needs some wonky moments ironed out (also according to beta testers)!" Devolver tweeted. "WolfEyeGames have made something special, and we want you all to have the best experience at launch."

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The troubles appear to be arising from the inherent complexities of the immersive sim genre. "We all know how great those games can be when it all comes together," said Colantonio, who cofounded Arkane Studios in 1999. "Every player has their own experience, and there's so many things that can happen. And some of those things can be great, and some of those things can not be so great."

Weird West is promising enough that I don't mind waiting a few months extra to get my hands on it. I'm a big fan of immersive sims, and while the isometric perspective in this one is a little unusual, it looks like it could work very well. 

"Weird West reassured me that the immersive sim is still playful, still sharp, and open for interpretation by developers who want to push it further," our associate editor Tyler Colp wrote in a recent hands-on preview. "If what I played is close to what the final game will be in early 2022, I'll be thrilled to step into its clockwork world and make some mistakes."

Yeah, I am  definitely looking forward to that.

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