Weekend Game Deals - Summer Sale vol. 2


Looked broke, didn't I? Well, I wasn't. But it wasn't from lack of trying, I can tell you that. Actually, Steam's last sale put me in the red -- a debt I wasn't to repay for one year. When it came back, I went on what the forum posters refer to as "a roaring rampage of purchases." I roared, and I rampaged, and I got Civilization V for $7.49 . I've bought a hell of a lot of games to get to this point, but I've only one more weekend. The last one. The one I'm looking forward to right now. The only one left. And when I arrive at my destination, I am gonna spill bills.

The Steam Summer Sale ends on Sunday! Here are a few recommendations based on the sale at the time of writing:


Many of last week's deals have dissipated, but Amazon has made some nice additions to its discount roster, including several which beat Steam's current price*. A few of those are The Walking Dead for $14.99 , Serious Sam 3: BFE for $9.99 , SSFIV: Arcade Edition for $9.99 , and Mass Effect 2 for $14.02 .

*Things change, so do double check!


GOG's has discounted its Kalypso catalog by 50% for the weekend, meaning games like Tropico 3, Patrician 1+2, and Stronghold have crossed the threshold from considered purchase to impulse buy.


GameStop's own summer sale is still going, and it currently sports some pretty attractive deals, including Mass Effect 3 for $29.99 and Dragon Age Origins for $8.99 .

More game deals

If you find any great deals I missed, tell me I'm a fool in the comments! (Also post a link, if you'd like.)

Tyler Wilde
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