We want to see your best screenshots of the year

Above: Screenshot by Kakona.

At the end of every year we publish a gallery of the best hi-res screenshots we snapped over the past 12 months (here's last year's article). This year, we want to include some of your screenshots, too. Take any beauties from a game that released in 2017? Upload them to a file sharing service—ideally one that won't compress them—and drop a link in the comments. Google Drive, Dropbox, Imgur (but it'll compress em), and others work, just so long as the images are publicly viewable.

We'll choose our favorite screens and include them in our yearly screenshot post later this month. If you want, include a little background on your shots, such as how you framed them and any tricks you may have used to set them up. While some games have built in photo modes, we also delight in using console commands or memory injection to remove the HUD, unlock the camera, freeze time, and change shaders, and to force absurd resolutions with tools like Nvidia DVR.

Videogame photography can be technically challenging and interesting in that way, but even without serious tinkering it's fun to creatively explore game worlds from a new perspective, looking for intended or unintended compositions, or capturing a perfect moment in a procedural animation. If that's up your alley, we'd love to see and share your work. This isn't a contest, but please don't submit screenshots you didn't take, as we want to make sure everyone is credited correctly.

For inspiration, check out some of the great Assassin's Creed Origins screenshots readers submitted last month, including the one above from Kakona's collection.

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