Your showed us your best Assassin's Creed Origins photo mode shots

We put out a call for your best Assassin's Creed Origins screenshots from the open world game's excellent photo mode. You answered with reams of beautiful landscape shots, pictures of Bayek in action, some wildlife photos, and a few amusing glitches.

Here are my favorites of what you delivered, with links to more photo galleries. Click in the upper right corner to enlarge them—you'll be glad you did.

By Davud Dadar

Among a gallery of amazing shots, it's hard to single out just one, but Bayek about to hit the hay (at the top of this article) and this shot above are just fantastic. Here are more to drool over.

By Arachno Capitalist

Not every photo has to feature the main character, or any characters. It's not easy to choose the best of Arachno Capitalist's lovely landscape photos. So why choose? See the rest of them here.

By phroZac

This is a gorgeous photo using (I believe) some SweetFX presets for a gritty, cinematic look.

By HeatherShow

Glitches are fun, and in this case result in what amounts to a religious experience. Imagine putting an arrow through a soldier's neck and seeing not only that it hadn't killed him, but that he could walk on water. Let us pray.

By Leonardo

Everyone loves a good Assassin's Plunge picture, but this is my favorite. More shots to pore over here.

By Flametec

Sandstorms (of the non-Darude variety) are a semi-regular occurrence in Origins, and while they can make stealthy infiltration more enjoyable, they also add some drama while out exploring.

By Kakona

Kakona has lots of amazing shots, including this ornate elephant throwing down with Bayek. You'll find several more here.

By Andy Kelly

PC Gamer's own Andy Kelly has been snapping away with photo mode (here are a number of great examples) but I especially enjoy the above picture. "These goats look like they're sharing a joke at my expense."

By capsaicen

Bayek is looking rather intimidating here in a glowing-eye mummy outfit. I wouldn't want to run into him in a tomb. Not that I'd want to run into anyone in a tomb.

By LegionHare

The aftermath of a fight, with the victor striding away as skies darken overhead. More from LegionHare here

By shplumberg

Not just a lovely underwater shot, but an excellent impetus to invest in an ultra-wide monitor. It's definitely on my Christmas list. More shots here.

By Life28

There aren't just bustling cities in Origins, but lots of wide, desolate deserts. The shot above is a great photo highlighting the most lonely and barren regions of Origins' Egypt.

By Felix Östh

"Hey, Bayek! Turn around! Look! Look at me! I'm an assassin, just like you! Hiding in hay! That's what you do, right? Hide in hay all the time! Ha ha! Come on, Bayek, I know you can hear me! I'm an assassin too! Stab, stab, then jump into the hay! Bayek! Hey, Bayek! Turn around! Bayek!"

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