Watching this Spelunky 2 player reach a $5,069,800 score world record is mesmerising

Spelunky 2 family
(Image credit: Mossmouth)

There are few things as surprisingly satisfying as watching someone who is just really good at a game. Even more so when it's a difficult game like Spelunky 2. Streamer TwiggleSoft is definitely an expert Spelunker, having beaten Spelunky 2's cosmic ocean before, and having reached some notable speedrunning goals, such as a freeze ray-only run. Previously, they got scores in the $3,000,000 region, but their latest score of over $5,000,000 is no less than a Spelunky 2 world record. Go on, take four hours out of your day and watch it: 

I'm more fascinated with Twiggle's sheer Spelunky prowess than the world record, to be honest. They make the game look, dare I say it, easy, and several close calls throughout the run gave me serious palpitations. Even though the draw of the Spelunky games is how little you know what's coming, Twiggle seems to have a plan, and think several steps ahead, and just the smoothness of the whole run is a marvel to behold. I'm sure there's more where that came from, and I look forward to Twiggle's future accomplishments.