Watch Trevor from GTA5 run around in a Bloodborne prototype map found in Dark Souls Remastered

A modder who goes by the name Dropoff recently discovered something very interesting hidden in the data of Dark Souls Remastered—an early prototype of the Upper Cathedral Ward map from Bloodborne. Dark Souls was released in 2011, four years before Bloodborne, while Dark Souls Remastered debuted just this month—but another modder, Lance McDonald, said it's not new work.  

The data was stored in the "m99_99_98_00" file, which is what attracted attention, according to Kotaku, since the "m99" designation typically indicates a file used for testing—and where unused or leftover stuff can sometimes be found lying around. The level design found in Dark Souls Remastered isn't an exact match to what ultimately appeared in Bloodborne, which McDonald believes indicates that the level was actually prototyped during Dark Souls development, years before Bloodborne. 

What really makes the whole thing weird is the presence of notorious Grand Theft Auto 5 degenerate Trevor, who takes a tour through the map in the video above. Dropoff said he was able to extract and import the level data into unnamed "3D software," which enabled him to open it in GTA5. From there, it was a simple matter of taking a tour of the place and filming the results. It's obviously not the most compelling GTA map of all time, but as a historical curiosity with a double-twist of strangeness, it's tough to beat. 

Andy Chalk

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