Watch the Overwatch voice actors hang out as their in-game characters

Last week, the voice cast of Overwatch had a get-together at Blizzard HQ, and shenanigans ensued. It was a lot of fun, but the camerawork wasn't great. So YouTuber Greatdictator fired up the Source Filmmaker and created a video of his own, using the "real "Overwatch cast. And as enjoyable as it was to see the faces behind the voices in the original, I think this one is even better. 

The animation is really good, a dead-on match for the voices, but it's all the action in the background that really tips the scales. The meet-up is clearly taking place in the midst of the most interesting BlizzCon of all time, and also the most violent—although obviously some visitors just want to be left alone to eat their lunch. Is that the Pyro I see back there? 

The one character missing, naturally, is Sombra, who only went live a couple of days ago. Pity.   

Thanks, Polygon.

Andy Chalk

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