Watch the Apex Legends livestream reveal here at 12PM PST

At the weekend, it was confirmed that Respawn's new game, Apex Legends, will be revealed today. Above, you can watch the livestream when it happens at 12PM PST. Right now, if you watch the stream, you'll get a lovely look at some choice environments in the game, cutting to occasional footage of a character. If you like, you can spend the remaining few hours before the reveal reading Twitch chat interpret what it all means. 

A quick refresher on what we know for sure about Apex Legends, then: it's a battle royale game from the creators of Titanfall. Respawn's Vince Zampella has been tweeting about the coming reveal a whole bunch over the last 24 hours, including the likes of this:

As I write this, over 40,000 people are watching the stream, even though the real event kicks off later.

Samuel Roberts
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