Watch Sleeping Dogs lay down the law

Just to be clear, this is Squeenix's Sleeping Dogs, the game that used to be True Crime: Hong Kong, not Watch Dogs, the magic cellphone game. One is out later this month, the other not until next year. This is the first; the open world crime drama that started out as True Crime: Hong Kong, before being cancelled, picked up again and renamed. In it, you're a cop called Wei Shen on a mission to infiltrate one of the Triads - not this one - and do your best to clean up the streets while you're at it.

Here's a video of the producer playing through one of its missions, with Shen using his contacts, policework skills, and ability to pull off crazy stunts like hijacking cars at 60mph to track down and capture a serial killer with a suicidal penchant for taking out other criminals.

Looks more involving than Triple Triad , at least. Sleeping Dogs lands on August 17th.