Rise of the Triad bounces back at QuakeCon

What's that sound? Is it the sound of the world's least stealthy assassin jumping into your cult's fortress via a bounce pad and smacking you so hard with a magic baseball bat that twelve eyeballs shoot out of your face? Quite probably! And if you remember Rise of the Triad, this remake will need little introducton. You, Rise of the Triad remake. Rise of the Triad remake, reader. Shake hands. Politely.

If not, it was one of the crazier second-wave FPS games - originally intended as a sequel to Wolfenstein 3D, but ultimately turned into its own thing. Its engine wasn't very complicated, its style wasn't subtle, but it offered lots of chaos and even more gore, and they were two things that early-to-mid 90s action games couldn't get enough of. Want to see its modern trailer? Here it is.

It's Unreal powered, apparently the same deep, involving story as the original - luckily, because I'd hate to play a silly Rise of the Triad game (warning: may be sarcasm) - and considerably darker than I remember the first one being. That's dark as in 'much less light', of course. In fact, just for historical reference, here's the original Rise of the Triad from back in 1995, when having 8MB of RAM put you on the top tier of computing, nobody had even heard of 3D cards, and the only good digital Nazi was a dead digital Nazi. Cultists too. Especially the evil kind, with big, gloopy exploding heads.

So, Blake Stone revival for 2014 then? Corridor 7 for the Oculus Rift? Watch this space.