Watch seven minutes of ring-spilling Sonic Mania action

In line with the blue hedgehog’s 25th birthday celebrations this year, Sega announced two new Sonic games back in July: Project Sonic and Sonic Mania. The latter sounds the most interesting of the pair—a reimagining of the classics with new moves, new animations and new zones—and was on display at this weekend’s PAX West. 

Courtesy of the folks at IGN, the following footage first showcases Sonic bounding around a familiar Green Hill Zone gathering rings, destroying Crabmeat bots and whizzing round loop-de-loops—before facing off against a new end-of-level boss which looks distinctly more difficult than Robotnik of old. 

Once disposed of, Sonic is then dropped into Studiopolis—a brand new zone that sort-of echoes Sonic 2’s Casino Night the original’s Spring Yard level.

It’s without a concrete release date for now, but Sonic Mania is due at some point in 2017.