Sega announces two new Sonic games

Sega held a shindig last night at the San Diego Comic-Con in honour of Sonic's 25th anniversary, and between chilli dogs it found the time to announce two new games. The most exciting of these is Sonic Mania, a mashup/remix/reimagining of the first three games, with new moves and additional zones. Sonic fangame developer Christian Whitehead, and retro specialists Headcannon Games and Pagodawest Games are teaming up for the joint venture, which might finally be what Sonic fans have been clamouring for all these years? Take a look for yourself:

Sonic Mania will be out for PC and current-gen consoles sometime in Spring 2017.

As if to balance out the cosmos, to complement light with darkness, Sega announced another Sonic game at the event: a new, 3D title that looks a whole lot like Sonic Generations. It's called Project Sonic, at least for now, and it's by original Sonic development team, er, Sonic Team.

You wanted a gritty, Homefront: The Revolution-style setting for your colourful platformer series, right? Oh. Oh dear. Still, this basically seems to be a sequel to Sonic Generations (on account of the presence of both Classic Sonic and Douchebag Sonic), and the response to that was more enthusiastic than for the other 3D Sonics, so who knows, maybe it will alright.

And if not, we might get some funny glitch videos out of it.

Project Sonic will be unleashed "Holiday 2017".

Tom Sykes

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