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Watch Dogs video shows off wind, water and lighting effects

Watch Dogs

Update: AGB's video has been removed by Ubisoft. If you're quick, you may be able to watch this alternate version before it too is removed.

Update #2: ...And now that video has also been removed.

Recently, discussion about Watch Dogs has centred on whether its recent trailers are up to the quality of its E2 2012 reveal —the implication being that the answer is no. But whatever the AGW (Applied Graphical Wow-itude) Rating of the final game, it will at least have some shiny environmental effects, like detailed wind simulation and bothersome raindrops. Some of those effects are shown in this tech video.

The video was uncovered by AllGamesBeta , and was produced in conjunction with German medioglomerates Computec . According to a poster on NeoGAF , the footage was captured on PS4, which seems Ubisoft's preferred platform for this period of the promotional cycle. This is despite the video itself stating that the footage is PC 1080p. Hopefully we'll get a confirmed look at the PC version's capabilities before the game's May 27 release.

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