Watch Dogs announced: cyber-crime and trenchcoats in a gorgeous open world

[VAMS id="iotg8c593Wh60"]

Watch Dogs was the stand out showing at the Ubisoft conference, and the best showing of the conferences so far. It's a slick, open world cyber thriller that allows you to hack nearby devices and gain intelligence on those around you. The Ubisoft Conference showing differs from this video. At the end, instead of following the car chase, the camera backs away and follows another character on a nearby rooftop. Is it a second player, or another protagonist under the one player's control?

There's a moment in the trailer when a barman passes by with a QR code for a head. That leads to this website designed to look as though it belongs to the artist that's murdered in the in-game sequence above.

We'll be hunting down as much information as we can on Watch Dogs over the coming days as E3 kicks off properly. No platforms were announced, so here's hoping it's destined for a PC release. It's a slick, surprising hit on a day that's so far been dedicated to shedding more light on already-announced sequels.

Update: New trailer and first screenshots below.

[VAMS id="B7N2DB7hY5Rg0"]

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