Watch Dogs-style hacking tools modded into GTA 5


On this week's Mod Roundup, the hacking toolkit from Watch Dogs comes to GTA 5 via one of the game's finest modders, and Fallout 4's foliage gets a taste of all four seasons. Also, a Skyrim mod makes the world burst at the seams with new NPCs and locations, and mod for Civilization V that adds dozens of new units and techologies.

Here are the most promising mods we've seen this week.

Watch_Dogs script, for GTA 5

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Well, modder extraordinaire JulioNIB is at it again, this time creating a script that delivers the mayhem-causing mobile phone hacking of Watch Dogs into Grand Theft Auto 5. Change traffic lights, causing cars to crash, extend barriers from the pavement, causing more cars to crash, and make utilities like fire hydrants burst. You can even detonate other people's cellphones and disable hovering choppers. Fun!


Seasons Project, for Fallout 4

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This looks lovely. Modder GameDuchess breathes new life into Fallout 4 with this Seasons mod. Winter sees fresh snow covering the ground, spring and summer make plants greener and lusher, and autumn colors the leaves. These seasons don't cycle by themselves as you play, you have to choose the one you want, but it certainly freshens up the scenery.

The People of Skyrim Ultimate Edition

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Rebuilt and republished, this mod simply adds more of Skyrim to Skyrim. There are over 250 new NPCs, new settlements added, additional ruins, camps, mills, markets, and other locations. More bandit camps, caves, travelers on the roads, and other additional content make Skyrim a more populated and vibrant place.

Future Worlds, for Civilization V

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This mod extends the Information Era by leaps and bounds. There are over two dozen new futuristic technologies, over 40 new buildings, 16 new units, and even a new strategic resource: nanomaterials. The modder recommends turning off Culture and Diplomatic victories, as they tend to end the game before players can fully experience all of the new Future Worlds content.

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