Watch Dogs Legion trailer shows London setting, recruited player characters, and permadeath

Watch Dogs Legion is set in post-Brexit dystopian London. There is no main character. Instead you can recruit any citizen into Dedsec and control them. "You can recruit and play as anyone" says director Clint Hocking.

In the gameplay demo shown at the Ubisoft E3 2019 conference we see an elderly lady called Helen infiltrate a facility and brutalise some guards. The player then switches to control of Naomi, who stealthily takes on an enemy camp. At the end a guy called Jimmy is recruited to join the team.

This is also our first look at Watch Dog Legion's neon-lit London setting. It's been taken over by a sinister authoritarian organisation called Albion. We'll have more insight into this fascinating sequel soon. Here's the summary trailer.

And another trailer digging into the recruitment mechanics. 

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Tom Senior

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