Watch Dogs is targeting PC as lead platform

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has revealed that the promising open-world hack-'em-up Watch Dogs is being developed using PC as the lead platform. In an interview with Dutch site Inside Gamer , Guillemot explained how, for once, it's the consoles that are on the receiving end of the port process. I'd joke about PS4 owners being forced to deal with incomprehensible QTEs asking them to press LMB, but I'm not bitter.

So what's the benefit of leading with PC over consoles? "We expect fewer problems with porting games to the PS4 than the PS3, which had a completely different infrastructure," Guillemot said. "Previously, we developed games first on the Xbox 360 and then translated them onto the PS3. It took a lot of time and money to port."

If both upcoming next-gen platforms stick to PC-friendly architecture, the result will likely be more stable games for everyone. If the easiest way for developers to achieve multi-platform release is to lead on PC, then we might finally see an end to the long list of porting grievances that have affected so many of out AAA hand-me-downs.

Thanks, VG247 .

Phil Savage

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