Watch Dogs coming out on PC in 2013

Watch Dogs

As spotted by VG24/7 , the official Watch Dogs Twitter account confirmed earlier in the week that Ubisoft's open world phone-hacking and face-shooting action game will be released on PC next year.

We already knew that Ubisoft's impressive demo of the game was running on a high-end PC, but it's good to get confirmation that it's coming our way - and hopefully day and date with the consoles. It's possible that the PC is listed first because the 'consoles' being referred to are Microsoft and Sony's next generation offerings. Nonetheless, it's nice to get a proper confirmation at this early stage.

It was revealed earlier in the week that the second character seen in the reveal demo was in fact another player . “Online is in the DNA of Watch Dogs” said executive producer Dominic Guay.

Chris Thursten

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