Watch Dogs 2 trailer introduces the villain, and he's a real Douche [Updated]

Update: Ubisoft has clarified that the villain's name is in fact Dušan. Confirmation of his status as a douchean was not forthcoming, but seems likely.

Original story:

There seems to be some confusion about how exactly the name of the Watch Dogs 2 villain revealed in this Tokyo Game Show trailer is properly spelled. One thing is clear, however. He's a real douche. 

My guess is that PCGamesN has it right at Dušan Nemic, but GamesRadar's  "Douchean" take is infinitely funnier. However it's spelled, the D-Man is the mastermind of Blume and ctOS 2.0, the operating system that runs all of San Francisco (and which you can so deftly bend to your will, a flaw in the design that you'd think somebody would have addressed after the first time this happened). He does yoga, wears a man bun and a Steve Jobs-ean wardrobe, karate-chops his lawyer in the throat, and is apparently a firm believer in the ends justifying the means.   

It's interesting that Nemic talks about bettering the world while uber-hacker Marcus Holloway and his pals are running around with guns, blowing stuff up and crashing cars and helicopters, and yet somehow he's the bad guy. What a crazy, mixed-up world. 

Watch Dogs 2 comes out on November 15. Get a closer look at what's in store with our hands-on preview from June.

Andy Chalk

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