Watch Dogs 2 story trailer introduces the rest of Dedsec

The Watch Dogs 2 story trailer released today introduces Marcus Holloway's buddies in the Dedsec crew, a team of elite hackers dedicated to bringing down the power-hungry Dusan “Don't Call Me Douche” Nemec. Power to the people! 

Intros aside, the trailer doesn't really tell us much that we didn't already know: Dedsec is good, Dusan is bad, and the people are mindless sheep. “The people, they don't care how it works!” Nemec yells, clearly annoyed by Holloway's refusal to compromise his idealistic principles. “Only that it does!” It's not the smoothest dialog that I've ever had stuffed into my ears, but he's not wrong, and makes me wonder who the real bad guy is. Nemec makes cool stuff that works well and improves the quality of life of its users; Dedsec steals cars and blows things up. That's some seriously mixed signals there, guys.

More worrisome, at least if you're hoping that Watch Dogs 2 will be a game that's actually about something, is our hands-on preview, published earlier today, which declares the game “slick, enjoyable, but terribly hollow.” Watch Dogs 2 sounds like it might simple, silly, open-world fun, but the underlying story, which at first glance appears positioned to make pertinent commentary on the state of the world, is apparently not nearly as substantial as it seemed. That's a shame. 

Watch Dogs 2 comes out on November 15. 

Andy Chalk

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