Watch Dogs 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Far Cry Primal are $5 each on the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store has its fair share of critics, and there are some good reasons to be critical—its half-assed search functionality, for instance, or the inability to easily pull full-res screenshots from store pages. But it also offers some pretty spectacular prices at times, including at this moment a trio of big-name games from UbisoftFar Cry Primal, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Watch Dogs 2—that you can pick up for just $5 each. 

Each of the games is on sale for $15, which is a good deal on its own. But Epic is slicing another $10 off the top of every game in its ongoing Mega Sale priced $14.99 or higher, so those $15 games end up a fiver—three for the price of one, basically. And when you compare that to the regular price points—$50 for Far Cry and Wildlands, $60 for Watch Dogs 2—you very suddenly find yourself deep in "screamin' good deal territory." 

The EGS pages don't say how long these prices are valid, which is unfortunate, but the Epic Mega Sale runs until June 13. 

Andy Chalk

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