Watch 'dis monster get dismembered in a new Extinction gameplay trailer

The giant-slaying action-adventure Extinction was announced a couple of weeks ago by Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy with a cinematic video portraying one of the world's last Sentinels fending off an attack on a human outpost by a massive ogre and assorted other beasties. Today, publisher Maximum Games put up a new video showcasing some actual gameplay in "a small slice of one level." 

The Sentinel Avil, Extinction's hero, is basically a fantasy Spiderman with a huge sword: He can double-jump, run horizontally and vertically along walls, "air dash" through the sky, bounce off of environmental objects, and use his whip like a grappling hook. A "slow time" mechanic that sounds similar to the one used in Frozenbyte's stealth game Shadwen facilitates movement planning, while combat is "real-time [and] skill-based," with various sorts of special moves and combos. 

The real fun begins when the big guys show up. The ogres are "fully dismemberable," but wear armor that protects their vulnerable arms and legs, so that has to be deal with first. Charged-up "rune strikes" will destroy pieces of armor, but as the trailer demonstrates, some armor is better than others and will take more work to break. Hacked-off limbs will also regenerate in time, so even after after an ogre is downed you'll still need to move fairly quickly to strike the killing blow.   

Executive producer Derek Neal warned that the video shows "a very early pre-alpha build" of the game, but even so I think it looks pretty good. Extinction is currently expected to come out in early 2018, and yes, even though this trailer only mentions the PS4, it has been confirmed for the PC as well. More information is up at

Andy Chalk

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