Watch a VR gunslinger's incredible trick reloads

HTC Vive target shooting sandbox Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (H3VR for short) has players reload guns by manually slotting in magazines and chambering rounds. I've played it, and I have a hard time manipulating the bullets and firearms even when I'm taking it slow. AuxPlumes on YouTube (and Reddit) has no such troubles.

We love fancy reload animations, but I think I love this more: manual fancy reloading. The skill on display in the video above may be hard to appreciate if you haven't tried H3VR yourself, but even though shells snap to their receptacles with some forgiveness, I guarantee it isn't easy to flip an empty shotgun shell out of the gun and then shoot it.

H3VR has timed challenges, but this is what it's really for: screwing around with virtual weapons. Check out more of AuxPlumes' impressive trick shots below:

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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