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Watch a full match playthrough of Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor Slide

Yesterday's PC Gamer Show featured our first-in-the-world hands-on with Killing Floor 2 alongside our interview with two of the people making it, Tripwire's John Gibson and Bill Munk. Today, we're sharing a full, seven-wave match of Killing Floor 2 on normal difficulty from that session that includes our in-game voice chatter, rendered in glorious 60fps.

Our video jumps between three different perspectives to show as much of the different weapons and perks as possible. Watch until the end for a clue about the identity of one of Killing Floor 2's bosses. If you need more, come back tomorrow for another two KF2 videos—one of our Hell On Earth difficulty round, and another of the Biotics Lab map from a single perspective.

Who's playing

KFTester1 - Evan Lahti (Commando)
KFTester2 - Wes Fenlon (Berserker)
KFTester3 - John Gibson (Field Medic)
KFTester4 - Bill Munk (Commando)
KFTester5 - Lucas Sullivan (Support)
KFTester6 - Mike Schmitt (Berserker)


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