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Wasteland 3 Gamescom trailer introduces the Patriarch of Colorado, who doesn't seem very nice

Things have been pretty quiet on the Wasteland 3 front recently, but a new trailer that popped up during the Inside Xbox stream at Gamescom introduces a new character who's going to do the Rangers a favor—for a price.

It sounds like things aren't going too well for the Ranger team in Colorado. They've struck a deal with the Patriarch of Colorado, but there's a distinctly ominous tone to it, particularly when he points out that his end of the bargain is simply to "ensure the continued existence of your organization." Sounds like a bit of an implied threat to me.

The trailer also showcases combat, which looks considerably improved (although I quite liked Wasteland 2 combat, thank you very much) and will apparently enable individual body parts to be targeted for specific effects.

Wasteland 3 is set to come out in spring 2020.