Wasteland 2 trailer details character creation, battle options, robots

It always feels weird sharing videos for games that are technically already sorta out, but for those of us who prefer to play games when they're stamped as 'finished', they can be an informative way to keep up with development. Case in point: this video for Wasteland 2 , which details character creation and shows a couple of differing approaches to combat.

As it turns out, it's hugely enjoyable hearing General Vargas talk about stats and character creation in much the same way that John Bunnell talks over the World's Wildest Police Videos, and I can only hope he returns to narrate similar trailers in the near future. General Vargas, that is, although Bunnell would be an excellent choice too. As you can see, the blunt force approach doesn't go so well in Vargas' team's first attempt, but a smarter second take sees them reprogramming a robot to fight on their behalf.

Wasteland 2 is out properly on the 19th of September , and here's what Cory thought of it after a recent hands-on.

Cheers, VG247 .

Tom Sykes

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