Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes showcases two heroes in new spotlights


I love a good three way, especially when there are Goblins and Orcs involved. Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes has just released trailers detailing two of our favorite heroes found in this three-team based, action orgy. I tend to lean more towards the support roll of the little goblin, Glowgob. If introducing someone's face to an axe sounds more your style, check out the orc warrior, Bax. Those who need a break from Grandma's cheek pinching should look into the Thanksgiving beta event starting November 23th. Want more info? Visit their website and read on to see our impressions of Glowgob and Bax.

Glowgob: Support and Heals

The basics: It is nice to be needed, and that is what I love most about playing support classes. Glowgob has a nice spread of abilities that help me transition from a life saving aide to a goblin dps battery within a moments notice. Healing is simple as placing yourself near the action and blowing your two healing cool downs. Just make sure you maintain dps with your primary attack, Shroom, as it has a passive small healing effect too. There are no direct single-target heals in Glowgob's arsenal, so I found it best to stick to close to my allies and do my best to keep them between me an the enemies.

My favorite skill: My favorite skill was 'Ere We Go, which connects you to any nearby allies with a green beam. As long as you keep close, the beam will boost the allies damage output. In big showdowns with the other teams, this ability can mean the difference between life an death for everyone. Plus, nothing is quite as intimidating as a group of enemies tightly bound by a web of green slaying power.

Why I play him: Glowgob is a great class for people who don't want to be up in the other player's ugly face, but still enjoy being an integral part of the action. As a player who gets his kicks out of taking credit for a whole team's accomplishment, this goblin healer is the way to go.


Bax: Tank and Initiation

The basics: Playing Bax is akin to driving a gigantic green monster truck down the freeway during rush hour. This bulky Orc is all about plowing into battle to dish out damage first and strategize later, and his skillset lets you pick a target and stick to them until they die to your massive axe. Where You Goin'? is a simple, low-cooldown sprint, but using it to catch up to your fearful prey is supremely satisfying, especially when they think they'll make it away safely. Clobber and Yer Nothin' are your bread-and-butter skills, but the best part about them is that they produce a stackable buff to your damage. Once this buff reaches 10 stacks, you'll double in size and dole out more damage, meaning the enemy teams will be petrified at the mere sight of you.

My favorite skill I wouldn't be able to survive these headlong encounters if it wasn't for the life-leech/mega-hit combo of I'm Da Biggest, which keeps you healthy during long fights. The icing on this angry green cake is Down Ya Go!, which pins down a target for a whopping 4 seconds, leaving them helpless as you batter and bash their limp bodies.

Why I play him: Bax is the perfect class for those who want to charge into battle, spam their abilities, and live to tell about it. I love Bax because he embodies smashing your opponent with every inch of your might, just like a murderous linebacker.