Warframe's first-ever anime reveals its 50th warframe, free for all players

Warframe developer Digital Extremes is getting into the anime game with its first-ever animated short film: An introduction to Styanax, the game's 50th warframe, which will be free for all players for a limited time.

Styanax is a "mighty and herculean" warframe inspired by ancient Greek warriors, a heritage that's easily seen in the warframe's design and abilities:

  • Primary Weapon: Afentis - Styanax’s speargun matches his might. Throw Afentis to pin an enemy and nearby enemies will also be stunned. Throw Afentis onto the ground to create a field that buffs allies. When allies bolstered by Afentis kill an enemy, they maintain the buff for a short time after they leave the field.           
  • Lanex Syandana - A syandana for the intrepid. [Syandana, for the record, is basically Warframe's term for back bling.]        
  • Axios Javelin - Call upon the Axios Javelin. Any enemy Styanax strikes with his javelin is pushed back. When the javelin propels an enemy into a wall, the area suffers a burst of damage.
  • Tharros Strike - Summon Tharros, the shield of Styanax. Swing Tharros to repel enemies and reduce their shields and armor. Styanax regenerates health for every enemy struck.
  • Rally Point - Draw enemy attention to Styanax. His resolve uplifts nearby allies, regenerating their energy and shields. Shield regeneration increases with the number of enemies near Styanax.
  • Final Stand - Exude might and valor. Rise into the air and throw a barrage of Axios Javelins. The javelins deal damage to nearby enemies wherever they land. Direct hits to enemies deal even greater damage.

(A spot of trivia: Astyanax was the young son of Hector, who was thrown from the walls of Troy to his death after the Greeks sacked the city. The Greeks had some probably-warranted concerns about the whole "vengeance" thing, you see. Not exactly a picture of an imposing hoplite charging Persian lines, but it is a pretty cool name so I think we can let the details slide.)

Styanax will be free for all Warframe players for a limited time (duration currently unspecified) following the launch of Warframe's Veilbreaker update, which Digital Extremes showcased in today's devstream

Veilbreaker will also bring back Kahl-175, the fan-favorite Grineer, as a playable character in a new quest set after the events of The New War update, along with a bunch of new weekly missions that will enable players to increase Kahl's rank and earn new customization items.

(Image credit: Digital Extremes)

Warframe's Veilbreaker update is set to go live in September. A date hasn't been announced at this point, but you can find out more at warframe.com.

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