Warface's "Sneak Peek" phase adds new game modes and female soldiers

Crytek's free-to-play military FPS, Warface , has just received a free update called the “Sneak Phase” that adds in new maps, female soldiers, and a few other goodies for those who've managed to find a way into the closed beta .

The phase (which is just another word for “update”) adds a new map set in China, additional co-op missions, and a tutorial system explaining the ins and outs of Warface's four classes. The update is free for everyone in the closed beta, which you can sign up for here . More content's coming in a future update dubbed the “Pre-Open Beta” making me suspect an open beta in the US isn't too far off (the game's only in open beta in Russia at the moment).

We tried out Warface earlier this year, and were cautiously optimistic about the opportunity Crytek can give players. There are micro transactions, of course, but we left with the feeling that Crytek knows what can make or break a free-to-play game.