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The WARFACE closed beta is now live

How's your face? It's not looking particularly warry, but I know of a way you can fix that. The Warface closed beta - sorry, the WARFACE closed beta - is now live. Simply sign up on the site for a chance to replace your face with a more war-hardened one. Also, to play a game of soldiers in an upcoming CryEngine3-powered online shooter.

The game has been playable in Russia for quite some time, where it's managed to garner around five million registered users - and that's despite boasting the worst/best name of all time. We published a guide on how to install and play the game outside of Russia a while ago, but as of... now that guide is moot. Now, all you have to do is head here and cross your fingers, while trying not to get distracted by the contemplative dude with the skull.