Volume gameplay trailer sneaks up on Gamescom


Mike Bithell, creator of indie darling Thomas Was Alone , showed off a new gameplay trailer for his follow-up, Volume , during Sony's Gamescom press conference. The trailer helps tie Volume's story to the Robin Hood legend it's retelling, and also shows how a futuristic Mr. Hood would hide from robots.

There's a lot of slow motion in this newest trailer , with sweeping strings that help set an emotional mood. There's also a lot of robot guards with site cones projected in front of them, and it's clear that the player will have to stay out of those cones by hiding in closets, grates, or anything else available. But the trailer's minimal voice over also suggests there will be a core ethical quandary to the storyline. That should be interesting to see play out.

Bithell told the Gamescom audience that Volume will launch first on PS4 and Vita, but it's also still slated for a PC release shortly afterwards. We still don't have a specific release date, but we're expecting the game in 2015.