League of Legends' Vi comes to Fortnite

fortnite vi arcane league of legends
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If you're like me, you instantly fell in love with Netflix's Arcane series, based on Riot Games' League of Legends universe. Watching Jinx and Vi, two sisters torn apart by simple misunderstanding and intergenerational warfare, became a highlight of late 2021. Our former editor Steven Messner called it simply "amazing" in his review.

Which is why it's a blast to see Vi land in Fortnite as a playable skin, following last year's arrival of Jinx.

The pink-haired brawler not only comes with her own outfit, but extra cosmetic items that fans of Arcane will inevitably recognize. Check out our full rundown below.

How to get Vi in Fortnite

The good news is that Vi is already available in Fortnite's item shop, and you don't have to wait.

You can purchase Vi as a standalone skin or as a bundle with her cosmetics. Let's take a look at those. Vi's skin is based on her adult version, after the poor girl has spent some time in prison following the events of the first couple episodes of Arcane. She's a lot more world-weary, but she's been spending her time punching up on...well, punching.

fortnite vi arcane league of legends

(Image credit: Epic Games)

We've also got a pickaxe based on the warden of Piltover, a back bling based on the rabbit toy Vi gave Jinx (and which Jinx subsequently hangs over her work desk), and a new emote that shows off Vi's boxing chops.

The bundle also comes with a colorful loading screen showing off Vi leading a charge of Fortnite characters, plus Jinx in the background gliding in on something she'll inevitably blow up.

If you're spending your weekend playing games, make sure to check out our Fortnite guides page for more challenge walkthroughs and news on the latest skins. You can also pick up Hawkeye and Kate Bishop in the item shop for a limited time.

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