Valve gives nod of approval to Gabe Newell character in Crawl

Crawl Gabe Newell

When Crawl studio Powerhoof posted the above image of Gabe Newell's appearance in its rogue-like dungeon crawler, everyone was thoroughly amused. There was one problem though: what if Newell didn't want to be there? What if he wasn't happy with his outfit?

Well it turns out Valve has approved Newell's likeness, so when he isn't running the world's biggest digital storefront for games and not releasing Half-Life 3, he'll be a playable character in Crawl. Once the next Crawl update is rolled out, all you have to do is use the name 'HL3' when you loadout, and Gabe will appear as one of the monsters.

The studio confirmed the news on Twitter.

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Crawl is currently in Early Access and doing pretty well. Our own Tom Marks said it is "an incredibly fun and unique experience" in his Early Access review.

Shaun Prescott

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