Valve announces The Lab, a compilation of free VR "experiments"

Vive 16x9

Valve has announced in a very brief email that it will unveil a series of free virtual reality “experiments,” collectively known as The Lab, at the Game Developers Conference next week.

The Lab will be set in “a pocket universe of Aperture Science,” the home of the Portal games and the SteamVR Performance Test tool that Valve rolled out last month. It will be available free on Steam later this spring, and will offer "multiple ways to enjoy room-scale VR."

No other details were announced, but we'll be speaking with Valve on March 16 at GDC, and we'll be sure to ask them what's up. This year's Game Developers Conference runs from March 14-18. Last week we took a look at some of the early Vive demos here. Mind that monk!

Andy Chalk

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