Valheim has now sold more than 4 million copies

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Less than a week ago, viking survival game Valheim surpassed three million sales, a milestone it achieved in less than three weeks, leading us to wonder whether it might be one of the biggest hits in Steam's history. It's increasingly looking like the answer to that question is a firm "yes," as developer Iron Gate and publisher Coffee Stain announced today that sales have now moved past four million.

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The latest million comes just a few days after Valheim broke the 500,000 concurrent player mark, briefly moving it past Dota 2 to become the second most played game on Steam. It's slipped a bit since then but still has a firm grip on third spot: Today's peak, so far, is just shy of 400,000 concurrents.

Other interesting bits of trivia:

  • Valheim has more than 86,000 user reviews on Steam, 96 percent of which are positive
  • Now in 57th place (at last check) on the list of Steam's top 250 best-reviewed games.
  • Total playtime now adds up to more than 10,000 years—"That’s 3,649,980 more days than the 20 days it has been on Steam Early Access," Iron Gate said.
  • Fans have also sunk 28 million hours into watching Valheim gameplay streams.

"I don't think I have really had time to contemplate it," said Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson. "I know that players like the game a lot, but at the same time I think that I can make something even better in the future. I'm looking forward to adding more content to the game, especially working on the remaining biomes."

"I was describing Valheim to a friend over a year ago as a game that made me feel how I felt when I fell in love in games for the first time," Coffee Stain Publishing CEO Albert Säfström said. "Up until three weeks ago I thought this was a unique connection I alone had with Valheim. Seeing the incredible reception from players in these past weeks has made me realise that Valheim is something truly special, not only for me, but for more players than I could have imagined."

Svensson also said that while he hopes to have the new Mistlands biome revealed in the recent development roadmap complete by the end of the year, it may end up taking longer: "I really don't want to stress the development, that never ends well."

The way things are going, I get the feeling he doesn't need to rush.

If you're new to Valheim, we've got a very handy guide to the current biomes, as well as some of the best world seeds that you might enjoy playing around with. And if you're more into building than surviving, be sure to check out this monstrous recreation of Sauron's tower, and the Millennium Longboat, a surprisingly authentic Valheim take on Star Wars' most famous freighter.

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