Someone built Sauron's tower in Valheim and it's enormous

Now that players have been at work in Valheim for a few weeks, the base builds are reaching extravagant heights. Right now, none may be more impressive than this build of the Tower of Sauron—or Barad-dûr for the more initiated—from The Lord of the Rings (thanks, PCGamesN).

Creator Rynborg popped the build up on NexusMods, along with a video that helps to capture just how bloody massive it is. The structure looks to be made entirely from stone, adorned with an eye-watering number of green-burning iron torches. They've even managed to recreate the iconic Eye of Sauron that sits atop the tower, made with a bunch of torches around a bonfire.

(Image credit: Rynborg)

(Image credit: Rynborg)

You can download the build for yourself if you fancy making the switch from Norse mythology to Tolkien mythology. Rynborg used two other mods to build it, AdvancedBuilding and Forever Build, which you'll need to make sure the structure gets built in your world and stays put. 

We haven't made anything quite so impressive ourselves, but the PC Gamer crew has been just a tad obsessed with Valheim lately, especially when it comes to base building. Steven went through a bunch of his favourite builds when the game first released, and Harry became so obsessed with perfecting his house that he forgot to actually do anything else.

If you're looking to build a cosier abode to hang your hat, we've got you covered with tips for gathering stone for building your base and crafting a nice little campfire to put in it.

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