Valheim devs' next project is telling you how to make a fish wrap

A fish wrap.
(Image credit: Irongate studios, and the sea I guess.)

The fine folks at Irongate Studios are clearly having a very normal one, as the latest activity from Valheim's official account is... a real-world recipe for the game's fish wraps. Obviously there aren't any greylings running around to bosh on the head and make a sauce with, but conveniently enough they apparently taste like lemon.

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It's to all intents and purposes a posh fish finger sandwich but, with apologies to our vegetarian friends, who doesn't like a fish finger sandwich? Irongate Studios' head chef opts for a classic lemon and sour cream dressing rather than some even-more-delicious tartare sauce, but that aside this looks delicious. I quite like how politely the text tells you that you're allowed to choose your own lettuce.

Greyling sauce is one thing, but what's next? In Valheim sausages use Draugr intestines, which is to say undead warriors, so I look forward to Irongate's replacement for vaguely cannibalistic innards.

Rich Stanton

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