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Untitled Goose Game vinyl soundtrack has a neat trick up its sleeve

(Image credit: Alex Massé)

The game about the arsehole goose, Untitled Goose Game, is getting the vinyl treatment. Set to release in 'Q4 2020' (that means late this year or early next) and available to preorder now, it's a green coloured vinyl with a very tricky twist. It's a double grooved vinyl, which basically means that the track sequence is randomised. In other words, "every time you place the needle, you're rolling the dice on which path the music will take".

It's a nice approach to capturing the game's brilliant reactive soundtrack, which is based around Claude Debussy's Préludes. The game's composer Dan Golding broke Debussy's compositions into "hundreds of stems" for studio House House. 

The LP itself is made from "reclaimed" vinyl. Here's how it looks:

(Image credit: House House)

The LP costs $30 is will, in all likelihood, mark the first time a goose has adorned the sleeve of Debussy-related record. New physical editions of the game are available for Nintendo Switch and PS4, too.

Untitled Goose Game was "hilarious, bursting with charm, and satisfying to play," according to our review.

Update: Composer Dan Golding went looking to find out whether or not this actually is the first goose to appear on a Debussy-related record, as we suggested it might be. It turns out we underestimated the number of geese which have appeared on things.

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