Untitled Goose Game release date pushed back

Untitled Goose Game, where you play a horrible goose and must ruin everyone's day with your honks and mischief, has been delayed. Originally due out early this year, it's been pushed back to the equally vague later this year. The goose, of course, is to blame. 

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I confess I'm already smitten with this grouchy goose after just watching some videos and reading James' hands-on impressions. He ruined a guy's garden and stole some carrots! Steady on, James. The goose does everything you'd expect a goose to do. It honks, it waddles, it munches on pinched sandwiches. It's an adorable menace.

"By the end of my session, I've barely accomplished anything on the in-game task list," James said. "I take it as a good sign. These are guiding principles meant to steer you into ruining the gardener's day, but by simply inhabiting the body of a goose with such natural controls, being an asshole comes naturally. The tasks feel secondary to poking around the world to see what a goose is truly capable of.

The goose seems worth waiting for. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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