Unexplored 2 is playable today via Fig's Open Access

Unexplored 2 is the sequel to one of my favorite roguelikes of the last several years, and it looks cool as hell: you can read all about it in my interview with creator Joris Dormans. It's an ambitious sequel that takes the roguelike out of the dungeon into a vast world, using the first game's brilliant procedural generation to weave in unique stories. Also, it's playable today.

Unexplored 2 is launching into Fig's recent Open Access program, which is like a combination of Steam Early Access and Fig's normal crowdfunding. It's an open-ended crowdfunding campaign where backers can get access to the game, and there's a roadmap that shows what the developers plan to work on as development progresses.

"Our ability to finish Unexplored 2 is not dependent on the success of this campaign," the page reads. "While any additional funds derived from a fruitful run on Fig would certainly go towards increasing the scale and quality of the finished game, raising cash isn’t our primary motivation. Community feedback is the reason we’re here."

Echoing Dormans' comments in my interview, the campaign says player feedback is crucial for a game with this many complex procedural systems. It also says that "the gameplay is currently at a fairly rudimentary work-in-progress stage," but it's definitely an early build, launching to coincide with the PC Gaming Show. So if you want to get in early and see how the sausage is made, this is the campaign for you.

You can check out Unexplored 2 in Open Access on Fig right here when it goes live today.

Wes Fenlon
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