Ultimate Christmas Giveaway: Win a R.A.T. 7 gaming mouse


This competition is now closed to new entries, check out today's Men of War giveaway instead.

Welcome to the PC Gamer Ultimate Christmas Giveaway ! This is the biggest competition we've ever done: packed with peripherals, games, and exclusive items signed by some very important people. Why are we doing this? Because it's Christmas! And we love you.

The Ultimate Christmas giveaway will run until Christmas Eve. Every day we'll be posting about a new prize that's up for grabs, and you'll have 24 hours after the time of publishing to enter. Sadly, we're only able to open this competition to UK residents.

Look at your mouse, now look at yours. Does your mouse fully adjust to your hand size? Can your mouse add and remove weights till it feels just right? In today's Christmas competition, we're giving away two Cyborg R.A.T. 7 gaming mice, awarded 85% in PC Gamer UK 224, plus some Cyborg amBX gaming lights and a G.L.I.D.E. 7 mousemat to go with them, courtesy of Mad Katz.

Check inside for details of how to win this wondrous frankenmouse.

We're splitting this prize in two, because most people don't need more than one mouse, so the first prize winner will get:

The runner up will also net themselves a R.A.T. 7, but none of the other goodies. To win, just tell me:

The R.A.T. 7 lets you replace and attach various widgets and do-dahs to your mouse to make it more comfortable, what would you bolt onto your mouse if you could?

The craziest, silliest and funniest ideas will win. If you win, you'll get a private message via the forums. Let us know your address and we'll send you your prizes shortly after Christmas. Remember, this competition is open to UK readers only. Also, if you don't claim your prize within three weeks of being notified we'll offer it to someone else. Full terms and conditions can be found here .

Good luck everyone, and don't forget to check back tomorrow at 4.30 for the next big prize, which will bring great honour to your clan.