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What did you play last week?

(Image credit: EA)

Rick Lane played Command & Conquer Remastered and considers it an excellent overhaul of two classic games. The way they open with classic visuals before you jump into the modernized versions seems like an excellent way of highlighting what's changed, even if maybe harvester pathfinding remains the same.

Andy Kelly also played Command & Conquer Remastered, checking out the Red Alert campaign, and found that its promise to keep the gameplay exactly as it was in 1996 meant that he experienced the exact same bug someone was complaining about in a newsgroup two decades ago. He doesn't seem to mind the cost of the occasional bug in the name of authenticity.

Rachel Watts played Beyond Blue, a contemplative diving sim that sounds like an educational version of Abzu. It's a documentary you can swim through. She found its ocean a bit too empty and its attempts at storytelling rudimentary, but when it's an interactive underwater lecture about marine life it's pretty good.

Wes Fenlon played Satisfactory, the first-person Factorio where you get to cover an entire planet of alien wonder in pipes and conveyor belts. He's been playing co-op, which seems like a neat way to speed up the process and get some efficient factories going. Riding conveyor belts at high speed over alien forests seems like fun too.

But enough about us. What about you? Have you been trying out any of the indie games in's Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality? Have you already grabbed Persona 4 Golden now it's on Steam? Let us know! 

Jody is that guy who will try to convince you to play some indie game you've never heard of with a name like Extreme Meatpunks Forever. He is also on a doomed quest to play every Warhammer game.