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Watch the new Anthem cinematic trailer

At this year's EA Play, a brand new cinematic Anthem trailer debuted. We get a look at the four Javelins, the exoskeletal mechs players will pilot in BioWare's shared-world shooter.

A dramatic narrator explains the rough state of affairs planetside, referencing vanished gods that left their world in chaos. "The Anthem is all that remains," she says. We get short glimpses of possible enemies, including some creepy robots and massive titan creatures. All the while, freelancers in javelins (the exosuits) flying around, punching and shooting everything in sight. 

The trailer is advertised as in-engine footage, and seeing that everything looks nice, the sheen bodes well for PC gamers. We got a new look at Anthem gameplay, too, and shortly after a release date of February 22, 2019 was announced. 

We're still digging through everything EA revealed, and collecting everything we know about Anthem in one spot. Check back in for more information on BioWare's latest. 

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