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Watch "sticky meat bits" hit the floor in Strafe's new Uber-Gore v2 trailer

The retro-FPS Strafe is very deeply rooted in the tradition of mid-'90s shooters like Quake. It's fast, it's tough, and it's really, really bloody. How bloody, you ask? Have a look at the new "Uber-Gore Tech v2.0" trailer to find out. 

The video demonstrates some of the game's more noteworthy features in action: Blood streaks, blood drips, blood impacts, sticky meat bits, stompable gibs, corpse flies, messy steps... well, you get the idea. You can even put out fires by gushing blood onto them. (Somebody else's blood, ideally.) It's enough to drive Joe Lieberman absolutely bonkers. The music is pretty great too. 

It's all quite silly, but that fits with Strafe's overall motif, which is both very silly and very, very bloody. (The Strafe website maintains the gag with 1996 styling that virtually screams "Under construction!") It's also pretty tough, especially if you've forgotten your strafe-jumping and rocket-jumping skills. You can give it a shot right now by way of the "Strafe Speed Zone V2" demo, a pre-release speedrun challenge downloadable from It's free, but you can pony up a few bucks if you want to support the project. 

We talked about Strafe with developer Pixel Titans at the most recent QuakeCon, and the studio released 20 minutes of uncut footage that you can lay your eyes on here. Fair warning: It's pretty bloody, too.

Andy Chalk
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