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Watch In-Win's crazy H-Tower concept PC case transform

In Win H Tower

Every year at Computex, Taiwanese PC company In Win debuts a crazy concept case. It's always a showcase piece, too outlandish or expensive for most people, sold in limited quantities to diehard enthusiasts and case modders. This year's prototype is the H-Tower. And it's amazing.

The H-Tower's segmented metal panels look straight out of Dead Space; Isaac Clarke would probably be happy to wear this thing on his head. The panels push outwards to reveal a spacious interior capable of holding an E-ATX motherboard. And then some crazy rotation happens. Imagine Isaac Clarke's helmet opening up, but his face is a computer.

Actually, don't imagine it. Just watch this video of the H-Tower in action.

Maybe the best thing about the case, which you can't see in the video above, is how the H-Tower ensures it's safe to open: it scans the surface around it with lasers to detect potential obstacles. Yes, it's a giant, transforming PC case that projects bright red laser beams. Yes, it's very imposing.

Here's a spec breakdown from In Win's website:

Material: Aluminum, SECC
Internal Drive Bay: 3.5” x 1, Maximum Supports 2.5” Drive Bay x 4
M/B Form Factor: E-ATX (12” x 13”), ATX, Micro-ATX
Power Supply: ATX12V, PSII and EPS. Power Supply Mounting Area Length up to 230mm
I/O Port: USB3.1 Type C Connector x 1, USB: 3.0 Type A Connector x 3, HD Audio
I/O Expansion Slot: PCI-E Slot x 8, Supports High-end Graphic Card (Length up to 340mm, Height up to 200mm)
Thermal Solution: Supports 120mm Top Fan x 3, 360mm Radiator (Height up to 35mm), Supports at Least 209~214mm Height CPU Heatsink Based on Different Mounting Position
Dimension (HxWxD): Close: 617 x 322 x 502mm, Open: 620 x 680 x 785mm
Net Weight: 23.03 kg

In Win debuted the case at Computex in partnership with Asus, and there's a black and red version with parts installed, so you can see what the H-Tower looks like kitted out. The H-Tower is still a prototype with work left to be done, but it will likely be a thing you can buy at some point, if you have an absurd amount of money lying around to spend on a transforming PC case.

Asus H Tower

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