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Valve skips Steam Dev Days for 2015

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Steam Dev Days

Valve has decided not to repeat last year's Steam Dev Days conference, the two-day event that gathered developers to learn and talk about all things Steam. Instead, it's going to direct its efforts toward the Game Developers Conference in March.

"Steam Dev Days was a great way to brief a large number of Steam developers," a Valve rep told Gamasutra. "This year our focus will be a bit different, so we are planning a larger than usual presence at GDC. So, there will not be a Steam Dev Days this year, but we will certainly consider doing it again in the future."

The Dev Days event made more sense last year, the rep explained, when Valve was rolling out new technology like Steam VR and Steam Machines. Dev Days was an industry-only conference, but videos of the addresses and other materials are available to the public at