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Thomas the Tank Engine is finally where he should be: Monster Hunter: World

Could this week be better for Monster Hunter: World news? Capcom announced a new jumbo expansion, Iceborne, for 2019, and then tossed in that The Witcher's Geralt will bring his monster hunting skills into the game in a crossover next year, too. Both announcements pale in comparison to what I have to share with you today, however. The most infamous Skyrim dragon has been modded into Monster Hunter: World. That's right: Thomas the Tank Engine is here.

The mod, Thomas the Eater of Elder Dragons, replaces MHW's big bad elder dragon Nergigante with the favorite train of children everywhere. He may look more innocent, but I assure you that's only because his face doesn't animate, so it's hard to see the murderous rage trapped inside. In fact, none of him animates, and his hitboxes are exactly the same as Nergigante's, making what's already a fairly challenging fight likely nightmarish and baffling. 

So much the better. Who says Thomas should be easy to kill, or should have sensible hitboxes or readable attack animations? You're doing important work, modder UberGrainy, and I appreciate you.

At this point, we're one Macho Man Randy Savage mod away from never having a good reason to play Skyrim instead of Monster Hunter ever again.

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