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This Valheim cart mod lets you takes your crafting tables into the wilds

Crafting tables attached to carts in Valheim.
(Image credit: Iron Gate AB, modded by rolopogo)

A new Valheim mod wants to save you the trouble of having to cut an expedition short for repairs by strapping a crafting table to a cart, creating a mobile repair station.

Released on Nexus Mods last night (spotted by RPS), rolopogo's Crafty Carts introduces three new carts, effectively mobile versions of the Workbench, Forge, and Stonecutter stations. Each costs the same amount of resources as their stationary counterparts, plus 10 bronze nails to account for all the moving parts.

Like normal tables, you can build in a radius around these carts, letting you set up a temporary basecamp while you travel. It's worth noting that, according to the comments, these workbench carts are a little more prone to tipping over than normal carts. Fortunately, you've got a repair service built right into 'em.

It's a no-brainer of an addition for Vikings with a severe case of wanderlust, and would rather travel the world than settle down at home (though if you really want to travel in style, we'd suggest this nippy little hotrod). For those who'd rather lay down roots, Valheim's Hearth & Home update will double down on the game's building mechanics—though Iron Game is being frustratingly vague on specifics right now.

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