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These 4K OLED TVs are great for gaming and are marked way down right now (updated)

Update: In the three days since we posted this, prices have dropped even further for the B8 series. The biggest change is to the 55-inch model. We noted it was on sale at Amazon for $1,095.75, but can now be bought for $999 on Ebay (via Beach Camera), which is the lowest we've ever seen. The 65-inch model didn't drop quite as much, but still cheaper—$1,775 at Walmart, compared to $1,789.95 at Amazon. We've updated the links in the original story to reflect the cheaper pricing and availability.

Original story: LG makes some of the best 4K TVs for gaming, particularly its OLED models, though OLED is comparatively expensive to LCD. Timing is key, though. Forget about Black Friday and Cyber Monday—some of LG's 4K OLED TVs are marked way down right now as vendors look to clear out the 2018 models.

Over at Amazon, for example, LG's 65-inch 4K OLED for 2018 (OLED65C8P) is selling for $1,929.80. That's not exactly cheap, but this same TV sold for close to $3,800 last year. It's average price over time, according to CamelCamelCamel, is over $3,000 and it's currently at the lowest price we've seen.

LG OLED 65-Inch 4K TV | HDR | $1,929.80 (save $319+)
This 4K OLED TV delivers a vibrant picture and excellent gaming performance. It sold for close to $3,800 last year, but is now available for less than $2,000. Buy at Amazon

Our friends at TechRadar reviewed the C8 series and found the picture quality to be superb. They also said it delivered "impressive" gaming performance, a notion that is shared by RTings, which gave it a 9.0 score (out of 10) in the gaming category.

The 65-inch model is not the only one on sale. So is the 55-inch version, which offers the same overall performance, just in smaller and more affordable package.

LG OLED 4K 55-Inch TV | HDR | $1,345.95 (save $250+)
This is from the same series as the 65-inch model above, just smaller and cheaper. It would have cost you around $1,700 during Black Friday, or close to $2,800 when it came out. Buy at Amazon

Incidentally, LG's B8 series is also marked down right now. The B8 models are also excellent for gaming, as well as most other types of content.

LG OLED 4K 65-Inch (B8 Series) | HDR | $1,775 (save $450+)
A more affordable version compared to the C8 series, but every bit as great at gaming. Before this price drop, this TV would have set you back around $2,249, and around $2,700 for most of February. Buy at Walmart

LG OLED 4K 55-Inch (B8 Series) | HDR | $999 (save $500+)
This same set was several hundred dollars more during Black Friday, and even higher before that. Earlier this month, it was selling for over $1,500.  Buy at Ebay (via Beach Camera)

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