The Witcher 3 New Game+ DLC is out now on PC

Witcher Gif

The Witcher 3's long-awaited (at least, for the three weeks since it was first announced) New Game+ DLC has been announced. Here, look, it's got a new Steam page, and a description:

"Hungry for more action? Start a new game with all the skills and items from your previous playthrough, get better loot, slay even more ferocious beasts and relive the epic fantasy adventure that is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!"

A few weeks ago, CDPR detailed what the NG+ would (and would not) transfer to a second playthrough. Experience points, money, alchemy recipes and items will all make the jump. Quest items, books, letters, usable items, trophies and Gwent cards will have to be re-earned.

To get the DLC, use either the above Steam link, or subscribe to GOG's free DLC subscription. This marks the final of the promised 16 free DLCs. Next up: an expansion.